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NAD C 538 CD Player

NAD has an enviable reputation for creating great sounding products at very affordable prices and nowhere is this more evident than in NAD’s CD Players. The NAD C 538 Compact Disc Player includes many desirable features that enhance listening pleasure.

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$549.00 $469.00
NAD C 546BEE CD Player

The C 546BEE lives up to its predecessor’s reputation, by delivering a performance that is both refined and riveting. Supporting a wide range of program material such as CD, CD-R and CD-RW, the C 546BEE will seamlessly play discs that are encoded in both MP3 and WMA.

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$899.00 $749.00
NAD C 568 CD Player with USB Input

The C 568 takes the superb performance of our 5-star rated C 565BEE and steps it up to the next level. Every aspect of sonic performance is enhanced and refined, making it the ideal companion to our C 368 amplifier, or any system in need of a performance upgrade.

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$1,199.00 $999.00
Rotel CD11 CD Player

Drawing on Rotel's almost 30 years of experience in making CD players, the CD11 is a cost-efficient player that doesn't sacrifice on sound quality or design. With a Texas Instruments 24-bit/192 kHz Digital to Analogue Converter, you'll hear every bit of your music.

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$599.00 $559.00
Rotel CD14 CD Player

The CD14 design begins with a carefully engineered power supply to ensure separate, ripple-free voltage and current to both digital and analogue circuits. The CD14 demonstrates an uncanny ability to resolve even the smallest musical details in a recording.

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$799.00 $749.00
Rotel RCD-1572 CD Player

The RCD-1572 elevates performance by utilising a purpose designed and built CD mechanism along with other circuit refinements. One of the RCD-1572’s most important features is the Wolfson WM8740 digital filter/stereo digital-to-analogue converter.

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$1,299.00 $1,149.00
Pioneer PD-10AE CD Player

Enjoy full-fledged audio performance from Pioneer’s entry-level PD-10AE CD player, featuring hairline finish front panel, thick and rigid chassis, 192 kHz/24-bit DAC, high-accuracy clock, and large-capacity EI transformer. Supports CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3 (CD-R/CD-RW).

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$549.00 $449.00
Pioneer PD-30AE CD Player

Enjoy audiophile sound quality with Pioneer’s PD-30AE CD player, featuring hairline aluminium front panel, thick and rigid chassis, gold-plated audio terminals, 192 kHz/24-bit DAC, high-accuracy clock, large-capacity EI transformer, and high-grade headphone terminal.

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$599.00 $529.00