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Cord F-700 Automatic Turntable with Preamp

The Cord F-700 is a fully automatic turntable with a dynamic balanced straight tone arm and soft dampening control. This high quality unit is designed to faithfully reproduce analogue vinyl recordings. Features a replaceable diamond stylus and plays records at 33 or 45 RPM.

RRP $199.00 $129.00
Sherwood PM-9805 Manual Phonograph Turntable

The Sherwood PM-9805 is a manual phonograph, professional quick-start hi-fi turntable, designed for analogue vinyl records with 33/45 RPM and pitch control. This fine audio product is built to a high quality standard and will deliver perfect audio reproduction.

RRP $399.00 $249.00
Cord DJ-U Pro Direct Drive Turntable with USB Recording

This premium turntable is ideal for audio enthusiasts or DJ's that seek a high quality component. The USB output provides a simple solution to digitise your vinyl LP collection. Features an integrated pre-amplifier to facilitate connection to a range of equipment.

RRP $499.00 $349.00