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Harbeth P3ESR XD Loudspeakers (Pair)

Arguably one of the most advanced speakers in its class, the P3ESR XD is capable of being used in a wide range of listening environments and is optimised to present an easy electrical load to even low powered amplifiers. Get ready to re-experience your music collection.

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Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 XD Loudspeakers (Pair)

Allow sensational music moments to come to life at the comfort of your home with the multi-award winning, medium-sized C7ES-3 XD loudspeaker. Acclaimed for its accurate three-dimensional sound, this speaker will impress even the most religious demands of an audiophile.

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Harbeth M30.2 XD Loudspeakers (Pair)

The smallest Harbeth to be engineered around the exclusive 200mm RADIAL2 bass/mid unit – derived from the reference M40.3 – this space saver monitor disappears into any listening room. The outstanding midrange clarity and controlled bass bring music to life.

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Harbeth Super HL5 Plus XD Loudspeakers (Pair) + FREE 2.5m Tellurium Q Ultra Black II Speaker Cables

The definitive Harbeth loudspeaker delivers the ultimate high-end audio experience. The SHL5plus XD gets the very best from the Harbeth-made 200mm RADIAL2 bass/mid driver in a cabinet that is skillfully designed according to the pioneering research undertaken by the BBC.

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Harbeth M40.3 XD Loudspeakers (Pair)

Adaptable to a wide range of listening environments, accurate across the entire audio band, emotionally engaging and easy to drive, the M40.3 XD takes the acclaimed Harbeth sound to a new level. True musical indulgence like you have never experienced before.

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Harbeth Nelson Subwoofer & Speaker Stand (Pair)

The Nelson subwoofer + stand solution delivers intense bass performance for mini monitors, including all Harbeth P3ESR and BBC LS3/5A models, without compromising space. Its innovative design incorporates a Harbeth 5-inch drive unit and 50 W of amplifier power.

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