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At Space Hi-Fi, our focus is and always will be on how we can provide you with the very best service. The guidelines set out within this page are in place so we can strive to ensure that you are provided with a perfect shopping experience.

Checkout & Order Processing

After receiving your order, we are always happy to answer any further questions or address any outstanding concerns that you may have. We may also be proactive in contacting you to offer our assistance if we notice some delay in finalising the order.

However, if a period of 7 days has passed since your order was placed and we have not received notification of payment or intention to make payment, we may then consider the order as expired. Once this status has been allocated, we may cancel the order at our discretion.

Please also note that once your order has been received and we have found that some details provided are invalid, we may contact you in order to obtain the correct information. However, if we are unable to obtain the correct information, we reserve the right to refund (if applicable) and cancel the order at our discretion. Our aim is to provide our customers with the highest level of security and to ensure safe delivery of every order.

Delivery - Authority to Leave

If you have issued an authority to leave, then you assume complete responsibility for the parcel as soon as it is dispatched from our warehouse and placed in the hands of the carrier. Unfortunately we cannot replace lost or stolen items if you have notified us of this preference.

Delivery - Return to Sender

Invalid Address Details

If you have provided invalid address details, we cannot be held liable for any delays. However, if the parcel is successfully returned to us, we can then organise reshipment after obtaining the correct delivery information from you. The customer will be liable for the associated reshipment cost.

Unclaimed Items

If delivery is attempted and the nominated address is unattended, the parcel will then be delivered to the nearest collection point (unless you have issued an authority to leave, in which case the parcel will be left as instructed). In the event that a parcel remains unclaimed from the collection point and is subsequently returned to us, we can then organise reshipment. The applicable shipping cost is to be covered by the customer.

Reshipment Costs and Return to Sender Fee

The cost to reship the order will be in accordance with the current rates set out by the carrier. Please note that a fee is also applied when a parcel is returned to us as RTS through Australia Post (this is currently set at $10.00). The customer will be liable for this cost.

In the event where our attempts to contact you to obtain correct address details and/or to organise payment for reshipment have failed, we will process a refund for the original amount paid minus our initial shipping cost and the return to sender fee. The amount deducted will be in accordance with the current rates set out by the carrier that was used to ship your order.

A tax invoice will be supplied for any additional fees paid. In the case of a refund, an adjustment tax invoice will be supplied outlining the original transaction amount and the additional fees deducted from the refund provided.

Delivery - Free Shipping Offer

Our free shipping offer is made available to you under qualifying conditions to make purchasing online as seamless as possible. We offer this as a goodwill gesture under the premise that the freight cost is viable to absorb.

We retain the right not to be placed in a position where this offer results in our total cost of the goods and freight being greater than that of the sale price, or in more succinct terms resulting in an "under cost" transaction. In almost all cases, this will not apply as we utilise a number of carriers to ensure we can effectively service all of Australia with a diverse range of goods delivered safely to the nominated address listed on each order.

However, on the rare occasion where an especially heavy or bulky item is to be shipped to a remote area, the freight cost may simply be too great to absorb. In this case, we will contact you to arrange a full refund which will be processed immediately, without delay.

Product Returns

In the rare event that you have a defective item or perhaps you have simply changed your mind, we offer a number of options in which a positive solution can be reached. For more details relating to warranty and return procedures, please refer to our Returns Policy.

By accepting the Terms & Conditions which govern the use of this website, you also accept our Returns Policy.


We place the highest amount of importance on security and are committed to protecting your personal information. We have stringent procedures in place to ensure any information you provide to us is safely guarded. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

By accepting the Terms & Conditions which govern the use of this website, you also accept our Privacy Policy.

Intellectual Property

Unless otherwise indicated, all material within this website including but not limited to text, product descriptions, logos, icons, graphics, artwork and images are considered intellectual property of Space Hi-Fi. This material is protected under Australian and international copyright laws and as such cannot be reproduced in any form without our written consent.

The Space Hi-Fi logo, the Space logo and the term Space Hi-Fi are registered trade marks.

Any other trade marks represented within our website are to be considered as intellectual property of their respective owners.


At Space Hi-Fi, we pride ourselves on providing the most accurate information possible at all times. However, we cannot be held liable for the misuse or misapplication of any of the information contained within this website.

It is expected that appropriate steps are taken by you to ensure the suitability of any products prior to purchase. We accept no responsibility for any loss or damages that may occur from incorrect choice, incompatibility issues or other circumstances beyond our control.