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Trade In & Upgrade

At Space Hi-Fi, we offer a convenient trade in service. This provides you with an exciting opportunity to seamlessly upgrade to new equipment, whilst at the same time handing over the sale of your existing equipment to our professional staff.

This is a hassle-free and time saving exercise, as you will not need to wait for a buyer to sell your unwanted item. Take home new equipment, and sell your old item in a single transaction!

Important Notes

Our trade in service is only available in store. This is required so we can adequately assess the prospective trade-in, and also to mitigate any risk of damage during transit in cases where the original manufacturer's carton is not available.

We offer our trade in service as a mechanism to upgrade to new and better equipment. With this in mind, the new item should have an RRP of at least 1.8 times that of the item being traded-in. All trade-ins are subject to assessment and are approved at our discretion.

Trade In Example
Proposed Trade-In RRP $9,900
Proposed Trade-In Assessed Resale Value $6,500
New Product List Price (RRP) $17,900
Changeover Price (The Amount You Pay) $11,400

Trade In Next Steps

To initiate the trade in assessment process simply Contact Us to book an appointment to bring in your trade-in, or follow the steps below.

Next, we would require details on the condition of the item included in this email. Some questions that would assist us include:

Finally, please include details of the product that you interested in purchasing (brand and model if you have made a final decision).

Once this information is received and reviewed by us, we will contact you to discuss your trade in options further.

Trade In & Upgrade