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Pro-Ject Power Box S3 Phono Power Supply

An efficient and flexible power filter. By moving the power supply from outside of the main component, unwanted noise and audio signal contamination is avoided. Clean energy makes a significant positive contribution to the sound quality.

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$299.00 $269.00
Pro-Ject Power Box RS2 Phono Linear Power Supply - Back Order ETA Early August 2024

The power supply is a very important part of the audio path and significantly contributes to the sonic quality of an audio product. With the Power Box RS2 Phono you can connect both, your turntable and phono preamp, and benefit from the perfect power contribution.

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Devialet Mania Docking Station

Get your hands on Devialet Mania Station, an add-on wireless charging dock so you can charge up your Devialet Mania portable speaker. The wireless charging station taps a proprietary pin-copper track connection, so you can charge up without being tied down.

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Bluesound PULSE FLEX Battery Pack

Add the BP100 Battery Pack to the PULSE FLEX speaker and listen to music virtually anywhere you go. Listen to music streamed Bluetooth from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, or connect the battery-powered PULSE FLEX to your home network and listen wire-free.

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Power Supply Adapter 9 V DC 0.6 A (600 mA) - 3.5 x 1.35 mm Plug Tip

This Power Supply Adapter is suitable for a range of electronic devices. This high quality unit supplies 9V DC (Direct Current) and 0.6A output. Features a 3.5mm x 1.35mm tip. Complies with Australian standards and is suitable for use with any regular mains power point.

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