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Copland CSA70 Integrated Amplifier

Created for the dedicated music lover, the CSA70 is designed to provide exceptional audio performance that belies its power rating and price. The CSA70 provides four digital inputs, three analogue inputs, line out function, pre-out terminal and a front facing headphone output.

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Copland CSA100 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

The CSA100 integrated amplifier is a part of the latest work by Copland, aiming to combine the advantages of tubes and transistor amplification using the synectic design concept that previously has made Copland hybrid amplifiers widely acclaimed.

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Copland CSA150 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

The CSA150 is the top model in the new line of Copland CSA series amplifiers. Under dynamic conditions this current feedback power plant will deliver several times its rated power - enough to drive almost any loudspeaker. 4 digital and 5 analogue inputs. 150 W per channel.

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Copland CTA407 Integrated Tube Amplifier

The CTA407 can provide an extraordinarily accurate reproduction of music without tendency towards listening fatigue, featuring strong dynamics and wide flexibility in the choice of speakers. The vanishing low perceived noise from the amplifier itself is bliss

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Copland DAC215 High Resolution DAC / Preamplifier / Headphone Amplifier

Thanks to the convenience and impressive sound quality of digital music files, many audiophiles consider their personal computer or laptop as their primary audio source. Connected to a computer the DAC215 will process audio data of extremely high resolution.

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Copland Bluetooth Module for CSA100 & CS150

Optional Bluetooth module for Copland CSA100 and CSA150 integrated amplifiers. Adds aptX HD Bluetooth wireless streaming from a smartphone, tablet, PC or any Bluetooth source. Instant access to TIDAL, Spotify, Qoboz, YouTube and more.

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