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Rotel T11 FM / DAB+ Digital Radio Tuner

Rotel has been producing quality tuners since the 1960s. One of the latest additions to this long-established line-up is the T11 FM/DAB+ tuner. It provides a wealth of listening options with easy access to classic analogue FM stations as well as newer DAB+.

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T+A MP 200 Multi-Source CD Player Transport - Network Streaming / FM / DAB+

The MP 200 was developed with the design requirement of combining compact dimensions with a wide range of sources. From Bluetooth and CD to the very latest streaming and radio reproduction, the unit is able to exploit all sources to their fullest potential.

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T+A MP 2000 R MKII Multi-Source CD Player - Network Streaming / FM / DAB+

The MP 2000 R MKII is a genuine multi-talent. At first glance the casual observer may think it is just a classic CD player, but its true capabilities extend far beyond this. At its heart lies one of the world’s latest and most sophisticated digital – analogue converters (DAC).

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T+A MP 2500 R Multi-Source CD / SACD Player - Network Streaming / FM / DAB+

The MP 2500 R is T+A's newest and most sophisticated Multi Source Player and PCM / DSD DAC in the R-Series. The MP 2500 R is equipped with the SACD drive from the high-end SACD player MP 3100 HV which is a completely new development.

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T+A MP 3100 HV Multi-Source CD / SACD Player - Network Streaming / FM / DAB+

T+A's latest and most sophisticated multi-media player. The basic design philosophy stems from the MP 3000 HV, but the MP 3100 HV is now capable of carrying out the full signal processing of DSD bitstream data in addition to processing PCM data to impeccable standards.

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