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Dan Clark Audio DUMMER Headphone Cable for AEON / ETHER

The Dan Clark Audio DUMMER headphone cable is available in a 2 metre length, with either a 6.35mm (1/4") & 3.5mm (1/8") connector, or an XLR (4 pin) connector.

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Dan Clark Audio VIVO Headphone Cable for AEON / ETHER

VIVO (in life) is our new super-premium headphone cable. VIVO is a fully custom cable made with silver plated OFHC copper with a carefully designed geometry that not only maximised sound quality but is soft and supple, ultra-light, and non-microphonic.

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$539.00 - $629.00
Dan Clark Audio VOCE / CORINA Electrostatic Headphone Cable

This is our electrostatic headphone cable. Unlike traditional flat ribbon electrostatic cables that are heavy and inconvenient, the VOCE cable is round, lightweight, supple and very non-microphonic (no self-noise). Cables may be replaced by the owner in minutes.

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$719.00 - $1,249.00