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If you're looking to obtain the highest level of performance from your audio system, selecting a quality stereo cable (interconnect) can often be one of the most important factors. These cables will provide superb performance. Enjoy flawless audio with absolutely no compromise.

For those that seek audio perfection, these cables will provide the highest level of transparency possible. If you're just looking for a cable that will not compromise system performance, here you will find an interconnect that is perfect for any setup requirement.

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This Space Saturn Series™ Stereo RCA Cable is designed and engineered to provide you with flawless audio reproduction. With an array of performance tuned attributes, this exceptional quality cable is guaranteed to deliver audio with perfect clarity.

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$39.95 - $199.95

This Space Neptune Series™ Stereo RCA Cable will provide you with the highest level of performance. This cable features a range of high end attributes usually reserved for exotic branded cables. The difference is that these are available at a fraction of the price.

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$14.95 - $39.95
Tellurium Q Blue II Stereo RCA Interconnect Cable - 1m

The Blue RCA is Tellurium Q's entry level RCA. Tellurium Q put significant time and resources into developing the Blue RCA further and the new version leaves the old Blue in its wake in terms of performance – Tellurium Q are truly proud of it and hope you will be too.

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$380.00 $342.00
Tellurium Q Black II Stereo RCA Interconnect Cable - 1m

“Nowhere does the music sound sharp or thin, but very open, transparent, defined. Everything sounds completely balanced. The sound is completely separate from the speakers and we feel as if we ourselves were present at the shooting.” – Harro Tillema, Alpha-Audio.

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Tellurium Q Ultra Black II Stereo RCA Interconnect Cable - 1m

The first of the RCAs in Tellurim Q's range to use the new TeCu connector. Smooth, fine detailed and great resolution while actually reducing apparent harshness. Music is presented as a coherent, organic whole, with a jaw-dropping sense of realism and naturalness.

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Tellurium Q Ultra Silver Stereo RCA Interconnect Cable - 1m

The Ultra Silver RCA is one of Tellurium Q's “hidden gems”. Smooth and natural presentation that is a very definite step up in performance from the award-winning Ultra Black II. Over shadowed and overlooked but surprises as soon as you plug it into your system.

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Tellurium Q Black Diamond Stereo RCA Interconnect Cable - 1m

The previous Tellurium Q reference RCA for one very good reason – they are staggeringly good, detailed and smooth while reducing apparent harshness. Music is presented as a coherent, organic whole, with a jaw-dropping sense of realism and naturalness.

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Tellurium Q Silver Diamond Stereo RCA Interconnect Cable - 1m

The Silver Diamond RCA Interconnects were developed and designed after the Silver Diamond speaker cable to complement and reveal as much of that “world leading” performance as possible. Will suit systems where detail and a full range, natural sound are important.

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Tellurium Q Statement II Stereo RCA Interconnect Cable - 1m

Designed and built to match the performance of the Statement speaker cable Tellurium Q had to completely re-think the way they approached the RCA in terms of its micro-geometry, production process, isolation etc. Another big step forward towards even more realistic reproduction.

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Ortofon Reference Red Stereo Interconnect Cable - 1m

The Reference Red Interconnect cable is a perfect combination of 4N OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) and 4N HiFC (Hitachi Fine Copper) conductors. These two copper conductor materials are combined to create a warm, dynamic sound with high resolution.

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Ortofon Reference Blue Stereo Interconnect Cable - 1m

4N HiFC combined with 4N OFC in the correct proportions ensures transparent and stable wide-range sound. The three bundles of the different conductors are placed in an equilateral triangle, held into position and dampened by Halogen-free highly resilient elastomer.

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Ortofon Reference Bronze Stereo Interconnect Cable - 1m

A combination of three conductor materials: 4N PCUHD (Pure Copper Ultra High Durability), 4N HiFC (Hitachi Fine Copper) and 4N OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper), the Reference Bronze delivers an astonishing wide-range, clear and neutral sound.

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Ortofon Reference Black Stereo Interconnect Cable - 1m

Signal conductors are made of PCUHD (Pure Copper Ultra High Durability) in combination with 6N High Purity Copper and 4N HiFC (Hitachi Fine Copper). The result is a well-balanced, neutral and precise sound Reference Black model is a high-end masterpiece.

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