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Edifier R1280DB Active Multimedia Speakers - Brown (Pair)
In Stock

The R1280DB has the classic look you love with all new features of modern powered Bluetooth speakers. The clean wooden finish of these bookshelf speakers leave a lasting impression of elegance and luxury. Features upgraded specs to improve quality and performance.

Edifier R1700BT Active Multimedia Speakers with Bluetooth (Pair)
In Stock

The versatile R1700BT Bluetooth bookshelf speakers will have you wanting to play every device off them. Plug in your gaming console, computer or TV for exceptional sound quality. Multifunctional excellence emanates from these Bluetooth bookshelf speakers.

$199.00 $179.00
Swans D1010-IVB Powered Bookshelf Speakers with Bluetooth (Pair)
Out of Stock

A Bluetooth version of D1010-IV. Highly cost effective active speakers with wood veneer finish and acoustically optimised front panels. These speakers feature a classic design, yet the high performance 4" midbass drivers ensure that these speakers remain compact and powerful.

$249.00 $219.00
Swans D1080-IVB Powered Bookshelf Speakers with Bluetooth (Pair)
In Stock

The D1080-IVB is the upgraded Bluetooth version of the D1080-IV. These active multimedia speakers feature a classic design, yet the high performance 5.25" midbass drivers and acoustically optimised front panels ensure that these speakers remain compact and powerful.

Swans M10 2.1 Channel Active Speaker System
In Stock

The Swans M10 adopts an acoustic friendly real wood enclosure, keeping resonance to a minimum. Whether connected to your PC as a stand alone speaker or to your iPod as a portable speaker, the M10 delivers impressive sound quality.

$199.00 $179.00
Edifier S350DB 2.1 Channel Active Speaker System with Bluetooth
Out of Stock

Most 2.1 systems include tiny satellite speakers and make up for the small sound from satellites with their subwoofer. With the S350DB you get both a massive subwoofer and fully featured bookshelf speakers. Connect your sources via Bluetooth, RCA, optical, coaxial or AUX.

$379.00 $349.00
Swans M20W 2.1 Channel Active Speaker System
In Stock

This high end speaker system delivers first class performance in a desktop form factor. The elegant walnut finish makes a statement of quality that is a true representation of the spectacular 2.1 channel audio reproduction that this system delivers.

$299.00 $289.00
Swans M50W 2.1 Channel Active Speaker System
In Stock

M50W is Swan's new generation of 2.1 high-fidelity multimedia system. The system was uniquely designed using 2.0 speaker design principles on 2.1 speaker products in order to create high-quality audio terminal for desktop near-field use.

$399.00 $379.00
Edifier R2000DB Active Bookshelf Speakers with Bluetooth - Black (Pair)
In Stock

Not only is the R2000DB stunning, this bookshelf speaker will leave you speechless. An ideal speaker for computers, gaming consoles and mini home theatres. Its comfortable in just about any environment, giving it the diverse functionality suited for any lifestyle.

$329.00 $299.00
Edifier S880DB Hi-Res Audio Certified Powered Speakers (Pair)
In Stock

Hi-Res Audio Certified powered speakers. Achieve a full range of audio from the S880DB bookshelf speakers. These bookshelf speakers come with a wireless remote for controlling sound from any point of the room including from the comfort of your own couch or chair.

$369.00 $329.00
Edifier S1000DB Active Bookshelf Speakers with Bluetooth (Pair)
In Stock

The S1000DB speakers are heavy hitters. Their front facing drivers are positioned for optimum performance. It delivers a hefty 120W in a stylish yet simplistic form with 5.5" bass drivers. These drivers create a surge of bass for anyone looking to get the most from their sound.

$599.00 $529.00
In Stock

The H2 is the first product of the Swans H series. After eight months of development, the Swans H4 debuted in Swans H series. The highlight of the cabinet design lies in its exquisite craftsmanship and the cutting edge technology of the new electro-acoustic amplifier circuit.

$649.00 $499.00
Swans H5 Active Studio Monitor Speakers (Pair)
In Stock

Swans H System is finished in an ebony veneer covered by piano lacquer, giving a profound and full texture. The electronic circuit design of each unit is both modern and innovative. The H5 powered bookshelf speaker uses professional active electronic filter design.

$799.00 $649.00
Edifier Luna e25HD Powered Speaker System with Bluetooth (Pair)
In Stock

Edifier has done it again. They have taken an already impeccable Bluetooth speaker and made it even more extraordinary. From the Luna the e25HD has more to offer and still features a stylish design, smooth curves and piano finish. A fantastic accent piece for any room.

$279.00 $249.00
Edifier Luna E e235 2.1 Active Speaker System
In Stock

Independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the trade media have given the e235 Luna E 2.1 Edifier speaker system the 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honouree. Its outstanding design and engineering have set it apart from competitors.

$649.00 $599.00
Swans M200MKIII+ Active Reference Monitors with Bluetooth (Pair)
Out of Stock

The M200MKIII+ is the Bluetooth version of Swan’s knockout product, the M200MKIII. For over 15 years, the M200 series has been one of the highest rated desktop audio speakers in the world. Maintaining a timeless classic design with hand crafted side wood panels.

$699.00 $649.00
In Stock

Wireless harmony. Pair your devices to play your favourite music via Bluetooth. Relax and enjoy your music while you control volume via a compact remote. High-fidelity audio with an easy simple touch. Long-throw 5.25" mid-bass woofer. Light-weight 0.8″ dome tweeter.

$999.00 $799.00