IsoTek EVO3 Ascension Power Cable - AU / NZ Plug

Brand: IsoTek
Product Code: ISO-E3ASCN-ANZ
Warranty: 3 Years
Power Cable Length / Connectors: *

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EVO3 Ascension

This unique design consists of deep cryogenically treated silver plated Ohno continuous cast copper conductors, wrapped in a dielectric of air, with partial FEP contact, before a further extruded FEP sleeve seals the construction. Each of these individual conductor assemblies are wrapped in Mylar with a further OFC shield before being given a slight rotational twist with FEP tubes of air.

Ascension drops the noise floor to an inky black level, opens the soundstage with holographic images, air and space and unparalleled micro dynamics. Astonishing.



The conductors are in a parallel configuration with a slight rotational twist. This established technique remains the first line of defence against RFI and EMI rejection.

A) Conductors: 4.0sqmm silver-plated Ohno Continuous Cast copper conductors offer a vastly superior level of purity compared with traditional OFC. Each conductor is deep cryogenically treated down to -196° C. The geometry and metallurgy used in this cable offer superb performance with extremely impressive electrical conductivity.

B) Dielectric: To obtain a dielectric constance close to a vacuum, IsoTek has created a Virtual Air Dielectric offering just 1.0548 dielectric constance. This air barrier is achieved by minimal conductor contact and the use of an FEP (Teflon) bridge. FEP is an excellent dielectric in its own right, with low coefficient, and the first choice for safety in both temperature and electrical insulation.

C) Filler: Clear FEP (Teflon) air tubes surround each conductor maintaining low dielectric constance and cable construction stability.

D) Wrap: Each conductor assembly is wrapped in Mylar to offer individual conductor shielding as well as a further barrier against RFI.

E) Shield: An earthed OFC shield insures maximum RFI rejection, thus preventing common mode noise affecting the live and neutral conductors.

F) Jacket: PVC is used as an outer jacket to give a high degree of flexibility and mechanical strength.


The Ascension cable is terminated using IsoTek’s bespoke ultra high grade audiophile connectors of solid OFC with pure silver-plated conductors. These offer the highest level of conductivity and quality performance.

IsoTek EVO3 Ascension Power Cable
Conductor Size 3 x 4.0 sqmm
Conductor Material Silver-Plated Ohno Continuous Cast Copper
Conductor Treatment Deep Cryogenic -196 Degrees C
Dielectric Air with Partial Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) Contact
Dielectric Constance 1.1
Filler Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) Tubes of Air
PVC Barrier Mylar/OFC Braid
Shield Oxygen Free Copper Braid (OFC) Individually Applied to Each Conducter
Outer Jacket High Flexibility PVC
Cable Power Rating 55 Amp
Cable Length 2.0 m Standard (Custom Lengths Available)
Outer Diameter 20.0 mm
Termination Silver Plated OFC Audiophile-Grade Connectors
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