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Monitor Audio Bronze FX Surround Speakers (Pair)

Developing the perfect mix of reverberant or direct surround sound in a Bronze home cinema system, the Bronze FX surround speaker will combine seamlessly with front channels to establish the immersive audio experience essential to successful home theatre design.

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$769.00 $719.00
Monitor Audio Silver FX Surround Speakers (Pair)

Monitor Audio has all your rear and side channel requirements covered with the Silver FX, a loudspeaker specially designed for 5.1 and 7.1 systems. This wall-mountable compact two-way design offers dual dispersion characteristics for the perfect surround sound set-up.

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$1,290.00 $1,199.00
Revel Concerta2 S16 2 Way 6.5" On Wall Speaker (Single)

The Concerta2 S16 on-wall loudspeaker was designed to deliver outstanding accuracy over a remarkably wide frequency range. The 2-way 6.5” on-wall loudspeaker has the ability to provide performance worthy of the most demanding entertainment systems.

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SVS Prime Satellite Speakers (Pair)

The SVS Prime Satellite speakers redefine performance in the small speaker category with massive output and incredible refinement, all from a lifestyle-friendly cabinet. Compact and easily adaptable, this versatile home theatre speaker offers astonishing detail and output.

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SVS Prime Elevation Speakers (Pair)

The world’s most versatile high-performance home theatre speaker, Prime Elevation is an uncompromised height effects speaker for Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X® and Auro-3D® and an outstanding solution for side surrounds, rear surrounds, or even the front stage LCR speakers.

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$990.00 $879.00
SVS Ultra Surround Speakers (Pair)

The Ultra Surround's charged dynamics and detailed soundstage convey seamless sonic transitions and convincing surround sound effects with hard-hitting impact. Dual isolated tweeter and woofer crossovers allow for bipole, dipole, or innovative SVS Duet Mode.

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$2,490.00 $2,199.00