Encore CineVue 2.35:1 Fixed Frame Projector Screen - Theatre White 4K / Premium Velour Zoom
100" to 200"

Encore CineVue 2.35:1 Fixed Frame Projector Screen - Theatre White 4K / Premium Velour

Brand: Encore Screens
Product Code: ENS-FS235MW4K
Warranty: 12 Months
Screen Size: *

$899.00 - $1,899.00
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Premium Cinema Experience

Featuring a fine untextured Theatre White 4K screen surface and the Trinity heavy-duty premium screen frame, the Encore CineVue projector screens combine the screen material preferred by experienced movie connoisseurs with professional construction to produce the peak of cinematic visuals in your living room.

Key Features

  • Reference-quality cinema screen
  • Theatre White 4K screen with zero texture for crisp, clear picture at all resolutions
  • Cleanable mould-resistant fabric
  • Wall mountable
  • Easy installation
  • 80 mm Heavy duty Trinity aluminium frame wrapped in premium black velour
  • Gain factor: 1.1
  • Suitable for DLP, LCD, CRT & laser projectors

Encore CineVue 2.35:1 Fixed Frame Projector Screen
Encore CineVue 2.35:1 Fixed Frame Projector Screen

Screen Quality

A premium projector screen is just as important as a premium projector for getting the best picture quality for that cinematic viewing experience. The Encore CineVue series of projector screens has that quality in spades.

Theatre White 4K

Grain and texture-free, uniformly reflective at all angles, the Theatre White 4K screen material on the CineVue screens is literally a blank canvas for your projector in the best sense.

Fixed Frame & CinemaScope 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio

This is what we call a 'fixed frame' screen. Essentially, it's like a big picture frame. It's a great option for people who have a dedicated space for their projector and don't need to the screen to pack away when it's not in use. The aspect ratio of this screen is CinemaScope 2.35:1, which generally employs itself most effectively showing cinema titles.

Aircraft-Grade Trinity Aluminium Frame

Each frame edge of the screen is forged as a single piece with aircraft-grade aluminium - they have no weak points to be broken or deformed under strain. (Each lengthwise edge comes in 2 pieces for easy and reliable transportation.) Assembled, it is further reinforced in the middle by a vertical crossbar behind the screen. These efforts ensure that:

  1. The parts arrive at your doorstep in pristine condition; and
  2. The projection surface attached to it, stretched out via spring tensioning mechanisms on the frame, is flat as a runway.

Premium Black Velour Edges

The black frame around this screen is finished in a hand-wrapped premium velour material which has excellent light absorption properties. This makes it much easier to line up the projected image with your screen, because you can zoom in slightly and have a little spillover (or 'overscan') which just gets absorbed by the flocked border. The border is 80mm wide on each of the four sides.

Screen Specifications
Aspect Ratio CinemaScope 2.35:1
Gain Factor 1.1
Screen Size (Diagonal) 100 - 200 Inches
Frame Width 80 mm
Frame Thickness 36.8 mm
Screen Thickness 0.3 mm
Viewing Angle 165 Degrees
Screen Size (2.35:1) Viewable Area (W x H) Screen Size Inc. Frame (W x H)
100" 2337 x 995 mm 2497 x 1155 mm
105" 2454 x 1044 mm 2614 x 1204 mm
110" 2571 x 1094 mm 2731 x 1254 mm
115" 2690 x 1140 mm 2850 x 1300 mm
120" 2805 x 1194 mm 2965 x 1354 mm
125" 2921 x 1243 mm 3081 x 1403 mm
130" 3038 x 1293 mm 3198 x 1453 mm
135" 3155 x 1343 mm 3315 x 1503 mm
140" 3272 x 1392 mm 3432 x 1552 mm
145" 3389 x 1442 mm 3549 x 1602 mm
150" 3506 x 1492 mm 3666 x 1652 mm
155" 3622 x 1541 mm 3782 x 1701 mm
160" 3739 x 1591 mm 3899 x 1751 mm
165" 3856 x 1641 mm 4016 x 1801 mm
170" 3973 x 1691 mm 4133 x 1851 mm
175" 4090 x 1740 mm 4250 x 1900 mm
180" 4207 x 1790 mm 4367 x 1950 mm
185" 4323 x 1840 mm 4483 x 2000 mm
190" 4440 x 1889 mm 4600 x 2049 mm
195" 4557 x 1939 mm 4717 x 2099 mm
200" 4674 x 1989 mm 4834 x 2149 mm
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