Encore CineAcoustiq 16:9 Fixed Frame Projector Screen - AcoustiWeave 4K / Premium Velour Zoom
100" to 200"

Encore CineAcoustiq 16:9 Fixed Frame Projector Screen - AcoustiWeave 4K / Premium Velour

Brand: Encore Screens
Product Code: ENS-FS169AT4K
Warranty: 12 Months
Screen Size: *

$1,299.00 - $2,299.00
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For a True Cinematic Experience

Place your home theatre speakers behind the screen, just like in a real cinema. Get ready for a true blockbuster audio-visual experience in your own home with Encore CineAcoustiq screens.

Key Features

  • Reference-quality cinema screen
  • Exclusive AcoustiWeave 4K screen material that is near totally acoustically transparent AND optically solid, looks and projects identically to traditional matte white screens
  • Separate black backing stops projected light travelling through the screen
  • Excellent sound performance - attenuation between 20 Hz and 16 kHz: < 1 db
  • Near-Perfect neutral in colour, 2% light loss
  • Cleanable mould-resistant fabric
  • Wall mountable
  • Easy installation
  • 80 mm Heavy duty Trinity aluminium frame wrapped in premium black velour
  • Gain factor: 1.1
  • Suitable for DLP, LCD, CRT & laser projectors

Encore CineAcostiq 16:9 Fixed Frame Projector Screen
Encore CineAcostiq 16:9 Fixed Frame Projector Screen

For Blockbuster Cinematic Sound and Uncompromising Image Quality

With below 1 dB attenuation from 20 Hz to 16 kHz, these screens are practically completely transparent to sound - yet completely solid and opaque to the eye, just like traditional matte white screens. So you can place speakers and even subwoofers behind the screen just like in commercial cinemas and have a totally cinematic audio and visual experience.

No Holes or Moire in Your Image

Unlike other acoustically transparent projector screens, which are visibly perforated, affecting viewing quality at close distances, these screens have a uniform weave which is loose enough to let sound through yet tight enough to reflect light at a uniform 1.1 gain factor for resolutions up to 4K.

Fixed Frame & 16:9 Aspect Ratio

This is what we call a 'fixed frame' screen. Essentially, it's like a big picture frame. It's a great option for people who have a dedicated space for their projector and don't need to the screen to pack away when it's not in use. The aspect ratio of this screen is 16:9, which means it's the same shape as most modern TV screens. This is a versatile ratio, making it the most popular choice for people who want to use their projector for a variety of content (eg: television, movies, video games etc).

Aircraft-Grade Trinity Aluminium Frame

Each frame edge of the screen is forged as a single piece with aircraft-grade aluminium--they have no weak points to be broken or deformed under strain. (Each lengthwise edge comes in 2 pieces for easy and reliable transportation.) Assembled, it is further reinforced by two vertical crossbars behind the screen, spaced out from the middle. These efforts ensure that:

  1. The parts arrive at your doorstep in pristine condition;
  2. The projection surface attached to it, stretched out via spring tensioning mechanisms on the frame, is flat as a runway; and
  3. The centre speaker you place behind the acoustic screen will have a clear path to your ears and not be blocked by a crossbar.

Premium Black Velour

The black frame around this screen is finished in a hand-wrapped premium velour material which has excellent light absorption properties. This makes it much easier to line up the projected image with your screen, because you can zoom in slightly and have a little spillover (or 'over-scan') which just gets absorbed by the flocked border. The border is 80mm wide on each of the four sides.

Screen Specifications
Acoustic Transparency <1 dB Attenuation from 20 Hz to 16 kHz
Optical Opacity 2% Light Loss
Aspect Ratio 16:9 Widescreen
Gain Factor 1.1
Screen Size (Diagonal) 100 - 200 Inches
Frame Width 80 mm
Frame Thickness 36.8 mm
Screen Thickness 0.55 mm
Viewing Angle 165 Degrees
Screen Size (16:9) Viewable Area (W x H) Screen Size Inc. Frame (W x H)
100" 2214 x 1245 mm 2374 x 1405 mm
105" 2325 x 1308 mm 2485 x 1468 mm
110" 2435 x 1370 mm 2595 x 1530 mm
115" 2546 x 1432 mm 2706 x 1592 mm
120" 2657 x 1494 mm 2817 x 1654 mm
125" 2768 x 1557 mm 2928 x 1717 mm
130" 2878 x 1619 mm 3038 x 1779 mm
135" 2989 x 1681 mm 3149 x 1841 mm
140" 3100 x 1744 mm 3260 x 1904 mm
145" 3210 x 1806 mm 3370 x 1966 mm
150" 3321 x 1868 mm 3481 x 2028 mm
155" 3432 x 1930 mm 3592 x 2090 mm
160" 3542 x 1993 mm 3702 x 2153 mm
165" 3653 x 2055 mm 3813 x 2215 mm
170" 3764 x 2117 mm 3924 x 2277 mm
175" 3874 x 2179 mm 4034 x 2339 mm
180" 3985 x 2242 mm 4145 x 2402 mm
185" 4096 x 2304 mm 4256 x 2464 mm
190" 4207 x 2366 mm 4367 x 2526 mm
195" 4317 x 2429 mm 4477 x 2589 mm
200" 4428 x 2491 mm 4588 x 2651 mm
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