Space Saturn Series - 1m Stereo RCA Interconnect Cable

Brand: Space
Product Code: SCST-SX-0010
Weight: 0.32kg
Warranty: 10 Years
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Enjoy High End Audio Performance With This Superb Interconnect!

If you're looking for first class performance, this superb Space Saturn Series™ 1m Stereo RCA Cable will provide audio perfection.

At the core of this low capacitance interconnect is 25 strands of 0.12mm Oxygen Free Copper (OFC). The high purity conductor is encased with dual layer shielding, which provides an effective barrier to eliminate and reject electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). The braided outer shield is comprised of 96 strands of 0.12mm high purity copper. This creates an impenetrable barrier against interference and will also serve to lock in signal integrity.

The nitrogen gas (N2) injected dielectric also serves as another important ingredient to ensure minimal resistance and a balanced impedance, which in turn will ensure flawless audio performance. Each cable is individually shielded before being encased within an outer chamber, resulting in a cable of mammoth proportions. This high performance Stereo Cable features an enormous 16mm outer cable diameter.

This interconnect features precision cut outer contacts and centre pins to ensure a perfect fit. This along with the 24k gold plating will ensure a flawless signal and will also ensure that the connectors will not corrode over time.

Last but not least, this cable features a colour coded plug housing with a brilliant metallic finish. Besides the stunning aesthetic appeal, this also adds an extreme level of durability. This cable also features a high density, triple weave outer braid. This adds even more visual appeal while providing another layer against wear and tear. All these attributes work in synergy to deliver a transparent audio experience.

Product Overview

  • Cable Length: 1m
  • High Performance Audio Interconnect
  • Impedance: 75Ω (Ohm)
  • Multi Strand 99.99% Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) Conductors (25 x 0.12mm)
  • Nitrogen Gas (N2) Injected Dielectric
  • Double Layer Shielding
  • Spiral Wound Aluminium Mylar and Braided Copper (OFC) Shield (96 x 0.12mm)
  • Triple Weave High Density Outer Braid
  • Outer Cable Diameter: 16.0mm
  • Moulded Internal Plug Chamber
  • High Quality Zinc Alloy Plug Housing with Brilliant Metallic Finish
  • White (Left) and Red (Right) Colour Coded Plugs
  • 24k Gold Plated Connectors
  • Precision Cut Outer Contact and Centre Pin
13/03/2015 - Reviewed by Steve
5 out of 5

Bought a few. Nice sound. Awesome for the price.

21/12/2013 - Reviewed by Malcolm
5 out of 5

Excellent cable. Good build quality.

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