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Koss BTS1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Small enough to fit in a pocket and weighing just 0.36 lbs, the BTS1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is designed specifically for portability and on-the-go use. Its lightweight design is accentuated by its minimalistic properties which make it incredibly compact and perfect for travel.

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Bluesound PULSE FLEX 2i Portable Wireless Music Streaming Speaker

The PULSE FLEX 2i is a versatile, full-range speaker that delivers true wireless portability and the best in audio performance. Place a speaker in any room, pair them together for stereo sound, or even take one to the park. Enjoy great-sounding music in any area of your home.

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$699.00 $599.00
Bluesound PULSE MINI 2i Compact Wireless Music Streaming Speaker

The PULSE MINI 2i takes decades of high-fidelity audio legacy and squeezes it into a tiny box. Delivering rich and detailed sound, the PULSE MINI 2i can easily fit into small living spaces, all the while providing an outstanding music experience.

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$999.00 $849.00
Bluesound PULSE 2i Premium Wireless Music Streaming Speaker

Premium wireless multi-room music streaming speaker. The most complete high-fidelity streaming speaker available, the PULSE 2i fills large spaces with rich, clear audio. When it comes to your music, don’t settle for anything less than high-fidelity.

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$1,599.00 $1,359.00
Bluesound PULSE SUB Wireless High-Res Powered Subwoofer

The PULSE SUB is a wireless sub so discrete you’ll forget where you put it. Designed to fit beside, behind or beneath your furniture, this compact subwoofer digs deeper and plays louder than its bulkier rivals, and can be easily tucked away without distorting any of its incredible bass.

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$999.00 $849.00