Moonriver 505 Hybrid Phono Stage

Brand: Moonriver Audio
Product Code: MNR-505-PHO
Warranty: 3 Years
Moonriver Audio
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Hybrid Phono Stage

The Moonriver Audio 505 phono stage meets all the needs of any demanding audiophile who loves vinyl records, both now and in the future. Designed with audiophiles, record collectors and vinyl freaks in mind, it boasts 4 inputs for all your turntables, tone-arms and cartridges. It also supports every possible adjustment on the fly with dedicated knobs and switches to ideally match your MC or MM cartridge.

Made in Sweden

Our products are designed and made in Sweden. We hand- assemble each unit, a painstaking but precise procedure. Moonriver products are covered by a 3-year warranty and are designed to last for decades without any need of maintenance.

Design & User Interface

The Moonriver 505 uses the simple, ergonomic and user oriented interface giving direct access to all necessary adjustments featuring 4 knobs and 5 switches for all the adjustments: 12 settings for the gain, 5 settings for the capacitance, 5 settings for MC load, including a custom option, 3 settings for MM load and EQ choice for Decca or Columbia 78 rpm records, the 505 phono stage will drive your precious MC cartridge with unmatched performance and it will make your everyday MM cartridge to sound like never before. Every change of setting is stored automatically for every individual input.

Layout Highlights

Ultra low noise, active, hybrid solid state circuit delivers incredible performance with open, transparent and dynamic sound. The circuit design is established without any compromise in mind: massive 70000uf capacitor bank, dual mono, 6 in total, individual power supplies for each stage, separate input stages for MM and MC, extremely short signal path, triple shielding, extremely low impedance relays and high current, discrete output circuit. The sound and the level of performance of the Moonriver 505 phono stage is hard to be described and it must be auditioned to be believed.

Inputs 4
Minimum Gain 34 dB
Maximum Gain 72 dB
Capacitance Values 100, 220, 330, 470, 680 pF
MC Load Impedance 10, 47, 100, 470, 1 kΩ and Custom
MM Load Impedance 22, 47, 75 kΩ
De-Emphasis Curve RIAA and Decca or Columbia Stereo / Mono Function
Inputs & Outputs XLR & RCA
Shielding Separate Shielding for the Transformer and Gain Stages
Mute Auto Mute Function
Dimensions (W x D x H) 430 x 390 x 135 mm
Weight 11 kg
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