Denon DL-A110 Anniversary Edition Premium Moving Coil Cartridge and Headshell

Brand: Denon
Product Code: DEN-DL-A110
Warranty: 5 Years
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Denon’s 110-Year Anniversary Series DL-A110

Celebrate our proud 110-year history of defining audio excellence with the Denon limited edition Anniversary Series DL-A110 premium MC phono cartridge with exclusive silver-graphite headshell and included carrying case. Still hand-spun in our headquarters in Shirakawa, Japan, these signature Denon cartridges are our longest-running products. Our legacy of meticulous perfection means you can sit back and savour your music in remarkable detail.

Denon DL-A110

Key Features

  • Defining audio excellence since 1910: Denon is proud to release our limited series DL-A110 MC phono cartridge featuring an exact reproduction of our original headshell in an exclusive Anniversary Edition silver-graphite colour.
  • Trusted guarantee: Includes a Certificate of Authenticity stamped with the approval of Denon’s Head Engineer and a premium, 5-year out-of-the-box warranty (excluding stylus).
  • Specially made tonearm interface: The DL-A110 is equipped with a bayonet connector also known as the SME tonearm interface with gold-plated connectors for easy installation and high reliability.
  • The most refined vinyl experience: Wide playback band (especially in the high range), flat output voltage, and frequency characteristics.
  • Tested to Denon’s standards: All single cartridges will come with a measurement protocol to confirm frequency response is according to the standards set.
  • Excellent channel separation: 20dB or more at 100-5000Hz and 15dB or more at 10kHz.
  • Enjoy your vinyl, whether stereo or mono: The DL-A110 lets you masterfully reproduce both LP stereo records and LP mono records.

Original Denon Headshell Reproduced in Stylish Anniversary Design

True to the original headshell developed in the 1960s for radio broadcast, the DL-A110 silver-graphite headshell is an exact reproduction of the original design. Weighing only 6 grams, the lightweight DL-A110 headshell ensures the cartridge is held securely and perfectly aligned preventing any unwanted vibrations and leading to a detailed and clean audio reproduction with extended low frequency performance. The DL-A110 is equipped with a bayonet connector also known as the SME tonearm interface.

The stylish, premium silver-graphite colour perfectly complements companion pieces in the Denon 110-year anniversary line.

Denon DL-A110

Denon Celebrates 110 Years of Defining Audio Excellence

The limited edition DL-A110 MC phono cartridge features a perfect reproduction of the original Denon headshell, designed to meet the extremely high standards of the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK), in our Anniversary Series silver-graphite colour. Denon has been upgrading your expectations in the audio and video industry since 1910 and we are proud to celebrate this great achievement with the DL-A110 and its partner products, the PMA-A110 and DCD-A110. To celebrate this significant milestone, the DL-A110 comes with a commemorative carrying case adorned with a special Denon 110 Anniversary metal inlay logo.

Denon DL-A110

Longest Still In-Production Denon Product

The DL-A110 features the legendary DL-103 phono cartridge that has been in constant production since 1964, using copper wire that is hand-spun in the Denon Audio Works Factory in Shirakawa, Japan.

The DL-103 was originally developed following the high standard of Japan's national broadcasting studios’ specifications for vinyl record playback for wide band FM stereo broadcasting and became the official standard cartridge used in those studios. It was widely adopted by almost all professional broadcasting studios in Japan thereafter.

Denon DL-A110

Certificate of Authenticity and 5-Year Warranty

The Denon limited edition Anniversary Series DL-A110 comes with a special Certificate of Authenticity stamped with the approval of Denon’s Head Engineer and a premium, 5-year out-of-box warranty (excluding stylus).

Denon DL-A110
Type Moving Coil (MC)
Sensitivity -66 dB ±2 dB (0 dB=0,775 V, 5 cm/s Lateral 1 kHz)
Sensitivity Difference Within 2 dB at 5-50 kHz
Frequency Response 10 Hz – 45 kHz
Electrical Impedance 40 Ω ±20%
Stylus Pressure 2.5 g ±0.3 g
Vertical Tracking Angle 15-18 Degrees
Output Voltage 0.25 mV
Output Impedance 14 Ohms
Weight 8.5 g
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