Tube Amp Doctor (TAD) ECC83-WB (12AX7) Driver Tube

Brand: Tube Amp Doctor
Product Code: TAD-RT093
Warranty: 6 Months
Tube Amp Doctor
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The ECC83 with a Bit More Edge and Extra Low Microphonics

The new TAD ECC83-WB PREMIUM Selected is a low-noise and low microphonic version of the 12AX7 that even meets the specifications of a 7025.

The TAD ECC83WB Selected was tested and selected for low noise and low microphony perfomrance.

The Tube Amp Doctor ECC83-WB Selected has a balanced tone with a slight emphasis on the upper mids, which gives the sound a nice string attack and clarity, while maintaining a strong and defined bass range. With the extra kick in the upper mid-range, the TAD ECC83-WB PREMIUM Selected also does really well in vintage guitar amplifiers.

If the TAD ECC83-WB PREMIUM Selected is used in hi-fi audio amplifiers, the tube adds a bit of freshness and presence to the signal.

The TAD ECC83-WB Selected can be used instead of ECC83, E83CC, ECC803S, 12AX7, 12AX7A, 12AX7M, 12AX7WA / WB / WC / LPS / EH, 5751, 7025, CV492 and CV4004.

Deistinction from RT001 12AX7A-C and RT003 ECC83-CZ Premium Selected:

Compared to the RT003 and RT001, the RT093 shows a little more edge in the high-mid range. As a result, it asserts itself tonally very well, which makes perfect sense in a band structure.

RT003 has a more central tone and thus brings more warmth and a little less brilliance and depth definition than the RT001 and RT093.

Due to their tonal structure the RT093 and RT003 are somewhat less sensitive than the RT001 when used in extremely microphonic sensible applications.

TAD Premium Selection

Q: When does a preamp tube become a Premium Selected tube?

A: All preamp tubes labelled Premium Selected have passed the following tests:

  • Low Noise Test
  • Microphonic Test
  • Gain Test
  • Sonic Test
  • Shock Test
  • Listening Test
  • Balanced Output Test
Electrical Characteristics
Heater Voltage (AC or DC) Minimum: 5.8 V, Nominal: 6.3 V, Maxium: 6.9 V
Heater Current 0.9 A
Cathode Oxide-Coated, Unipotential
Cathode-to-Heater Potential, Max. 200 V
Direct Interelectrode Capacitance, Max.* Grid No. 1 to Cathode and Grid No. 3, Grid No. 2, Base Sleeve and Heater: <14.0 pF / Plate to Cathode and Grid No. 3, Grid No. 2, Base sleeve and Heater: <0.8 pF / Grid No. 1 to Plate: <2.1 pF

* Without external shielding, nominal values.

Operating Position Preferably Vertical
Base JEDEC #8ET, Octal, 8-Pin
Dimensions - Height 109mm (4.50”)
Dimensions - Seated Height 95 mm (3.75”)
Dimensions - Diameter 38 mm (1.50”)
Cooling Convection
Approximate Net Weight 55 g (1.94 oz.)
AF Power Amplifier Maximum Ratings
DC Plate Voltage 550 V
Grid No. 2 DC (Screen) Voltage 500 V
Grid No. 1 DC (Control) Voltage -100 V
DC Cathode Current 180 mA
Plate Dissipation 30 W
Grid No. 2 DC (Screen) Dissipation 5 W
Bulb Temperature (Surface Hottest Point) 250° C
Typical Operatation - AF Power Amplifier, Class A1 (Single Tube)
Plate Voltage 350 V
Grid 2 Screen Voltage 250 V
Grid 1 Control Voltage** -18 V
Peak AF Grid 1 Control Voltage 18 V
Zero Signal Plate Current 54 mA
Maximum Signal Plate Current 66 mA
Zero Signal Grid 2 Screen Current (Avg.) 2.0 mA
Transconductance (Nominal) 5,300 mS
Load Resistance 4.2 kΩ
Output Power at 13% Distortion 8.5 W

** Approximate value (set to zero signal plate current).

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