Screen Excellence VistaCurve Curved Acoustically Transparent Fixed Frame Projector Screen Zoom
90" to 210"

Screen Excellence VistaCurve Curved Acoustically Transparent Fixed Frame Projector Screen

Brand: Screen Excellence
Warranty: 5 Years
From $10,425.00
Screen Excellence
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Screen Excellence VistaCurve Acoustically Transparent Projection Screen

VistaCurve curved fixed-frame acoustically transparent projection screens provide the perfect surface for images projected through an anamorphic lens.

Ideal cinematic projection is achieved only with a CinemaScope aspect ratio, which is the format adopted for the production of most movies. The unique immersion provided by the widescreen imaging is further enhanced by the screen curvature and the edges defining a more life like space.

Perfectly correlated to anamorphic projection, the VistaCurve affords four matched radiuses according to the actual size of the screen.

Using the Enlightor Neo surface for no-compromise home cinema performance. Once seen, the VistaCurve is a screen you won’t want to live without.

For some examples of stunning home cinemas created with these exceptional screens, please visit the Screen Excellence News page.

Key Features

  • Custom sizes available within these limits
  • InfiniteBlack velvet frame finish for ultra-absorbent black borders
  • Acoustically transparent black backing included as standard
  • Hand crafted with care in the United Kingdom


  • Screen material: Enlightor Neo
  • Customs sizes prices as per next standard size
  • Inch reference is related to screen width (not diagonal measurement)
  • Black backing provided as standard
  • Frame width: 94 mm
  • Frame depth: Variable
  • Install: Z brackets
  • Lead time: 4 to 5 weeks

Enlightor Neo Screen Material Features

  • Woven synthetic flame-retardant fabric
  • Minimal acoustic insertion loss (<1.0 dB) across the frequency spectrum
  • 0.95 gain
  • Enhanced dynamic range

Aspect Ratios from 1.78:1 (16:9) to 2.40:1

Model Viewable Width Price
Reference 90 2,286 mm $10,425.00
Reference 100 2,540 mm $11,990.00
Reference 110 2,794 mm $13,210.00
Reference 120 3,048 mm $14,650.00
Reference 130 3,302 mm $17,225.00
Reference 140 3,356 mm $18,295.00
Reference 150 3,810 mm $19,630.00
Reference 160 4,064 mm $20,730.00
Reference 170 4,318 mm $22,160.00
Reference 180 4,572 mm $24,240.00
Reference 190 4,826 mm $25,890.00
Reference 200 5,080 mm $27,070.00
Reference 210 5,334 mm $29,850.00
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