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NAD BluOS 2i MDC Module
Special Order (Ships in 1 to 3 Days)

Easily integrate Hi-Res Audio, network streaming, and music control. Featuring BluOS, the music management software developed by NAD’s sister brand, Bluesound, the BluOS 2i module is a complete digital music solution at an amazingly affordable price.

NAD Direct Digital DD-AP-1 MDC Phono Preamp Module
Special Order (Ships in 1 to 3 Days)

NAD DD AP 1 MDC Phono Preamp Module. Balanced stereo input (XLR), single-ended stereo input (RCA). Phono input, selectable MM / MC. RIAA EQ performed in digital domain. 24/192 ADC with auto input ranging: max resolution without overload. Class A input buffers.

NAD Direct Digital DD-HDM-2 MDC HDMI Module
Special Order (Ships in 1 to 3 Days)

Offering three HDMI inputs, as well as one output with video pass through, the MDC HDM-2 HDMI Module is the ultimate key to creating one truly outstanding soundstage. The MDC HDM-2 is the perfect component for your C 390DD, C368, C388, M12, or M32.

NAD VM-130 MDC 4K Video Module
Special Order (Ships in 1 to 3 Days)

We here at NAD have always prioritized the future. In 2006, our recognition of future features and upgrades became whole when we introduced our MDC technology. Allowing customers to ensure vitality within their NAD AV Receivers or Processors.

NAD VM-300 MDC 4K Video Module
Special Order (Ships in 1 to 3 Days)

Introduced in 2006, NAD’s innovative Modular Design Construction (MDC) architecture was built with the foresight that customers would want to upgrade their NAD AV Receiver or Processor with both new technologies and additional features.

NAD AM-230 MDC Dolby Atmos Audio Module
Special Order (Ships in 1 to 3 Days)

NAD’s innovative MDC technology allows customers to seamlessly upgrade their NAD AV Receivers or Processors with the latest technologies and features. Featuring Dolby Atmos, the AM 230 creates an expansive home audio experience.

NAD BluOS Upgrade Kit
Special Order (Ships in 1 to 3 Days)

Meet the BluOS Upgrade Kit – a small device that easily connects to the USB input of your BluOS Ready NAD component, equipped with a VM 130 or VM 300 MDC Module, and lets you stream all your music with one easy-to-use app.