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When a frame doesn’t suit the aesthetic of the installation, our ultimate discreet FullScreen Acoustically Transparent fixed screen offers the perfect solution. The borderless design is especially neat when you want to hide the screen in the plain sight.

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From $3,575.00

Slim, an elegant Acoustically Transparent screen with a thin bezel velvet wrapped frame. Fixed-Frame Acoustically Transparent screens available in both HD and WS formats. The Screen Excellence Slim projection screen is available in widths from 80 to 140 inches.

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From $3,990.00

This luxurious high quality screen comes complete with a solid aluminium frame coated with InfiniteBlack velvet. Its Enlightor woven projection surface is backed by an acoustically transparent black material for ultimate contrast and eliminating rear wall reflections.

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From $5,650.00

VistaCurve curved fixed-frame AT projection screens provide the perfect surface for images projected through an anamorphic lens. Ideal cinematic projection is achieved only with CinemaScope aspect ratio, which is the format adopted for production of most movies.

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From $10,425.00