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Resi-Linx HD-1605 Single Input DVB-T HD Modulator with HDMI Out, IR and Audio Delay

The Resi-Linx HD-1605 is a HD single input MPEG-4 only DVB-T modulator. This HD digital modulator is with delayed audio and IR function as well as manual gain adjustment. It has front LCD display allowing easy configuration and adjustments.

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Resi-Linx HD-1608 Single Input DVB-T HD Modulator Digi-MOD HD

The Resi-Linx HD-1608 (Digi-MOD HD) is a HD single input MPEG-4 (H.264) only DVB-T modulator. Features full menu via LCD display, superior MER resulting in a higher quality picture which can also be configured for New Zealand TV systems.

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Resi-Linx RL-RF380 Coax Video Distribution Unit with IR 3 In 8 Out Combiner / Amp / Splitter

The RL-RF380's patented design is for whole-house video distribution with IR control. The splitters have reverse path IR control, that when combined with other products in the IR range, will allow you to control the AV inputs from other locations.

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