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2 Way Stereo Speaker Selector Switch Wall Plate

This Speaker Selector Wall Plate allows you to conveniently control which speakers you would like active from a central location. Ideal for a second zone. The sleek and elegant form factor provides a minimalist design that will ensure a stunning finish.

6m 3.5mm IR Extension Cable

This 3.5mm IR Extension Cable provides a quick and easy solution to extend the connection distance for an IR receiver. This allows you to route the receiver over a greater distance which could be required when IR control is required in another room.

Brush Wall Plate For In Wall Cable Entry - Black

This Black Brush Wall Plate provides the perfect solution to manage internal cabling. The brush entry point will allow virtually any type of cable or wire to enter the room directly from within the wall cavity. The slimline design provides a superb finish.

Brush Wall Plate For In Wall Cable Entry - White

This White Brush Wall Plate makes cable management easy. Accommodates a variety of AV cables and wires to provide a flexible wall plate solution which offers simple installation. The slimline design will suit any home and will provide a discreet finish.

Dual (Double) IR Emitter

This Dual IR Emitter will facilitate control for up to 2 source devices. This IR blaster is suitable for use with an IR extender connection block or with other home automation controllers. The sturdy housing features a compact design that will blend well with any system.


This high quality F-Type TV Coaxial Cable provides a strong and reliable signal, while maintaining incredible value for money. This cable is designed with F Type male to F type male connectors which offers a secure and reliable connection mechanism.

$3.95 to $24.95
Infrared IR Repeater Remote Control Extender Kit - Foxtel Compatible

This IR Repeater Kit will extend an IR signal (Foxtel compatible). This allows convenient control of multiple source devices located inside a cabinet or from a remote location. Includes Connection Block, 1 x IR Receiver, 1 x Dual IR Emitter and Power Supply.

IR over Coax - Additional Injector

This additional receiver unit expands upon the IR over Coax kit by allowing control from multiple locations throughout your home or work place. Each receiver includes an IR receiver with 3m of cable length to facilitate control from an additional room.

IR over Coax Remote Control Extender - Foxtel Compatible

This kit extends a remote control signal over inexpensive coaxial cabling. Use existing cabling throughout your home or construct a purpose built network. Additional receiver (injector) units can be purchased to enable control from multiple locations.

IR Repeater Remote Control Extender - Foxtel Compatible

This Foxtel compatible Infrared (IR) Repeater system supports a wide band frequency range to enhance compatibility and device support. Perfect to control devices located out of sight. Includes Connection Block, 1 x IR Receiver, 2 x Dual IR Emitters and Power Supply.

$49.95 $39.95

This high quality PAL to PAL TV Antenna Cable provides a low cost solution with no compromise on performance. Features a PAL male plug connector on both ends of the cable which is commonly used to connect a television directly to a wall socket.

$3.95 to $8.95
Pro2 Bluetooth Music Receiver

Simply pair your Bluetooth enabled device such and connect the BMR3X to your AV receiver, multimedia speakers and more. The BMR3X allows you to enjoy high quality wireless Bluetooth audio, indistinguishable from wired with an impressive dynamic range.

$99.95 $89.95
Pro2 Inline Phono Stereo Preamplifier

This pocket sized preamp provides an excellent cost effective solution to connect a turntable to a regular stereo audio system. Features a standard left and right stereo RCA input, together with the same L/R RCA output configuration.

Pro2 RF Modulator with IR Return - Foxtel Compatible

Distribute your AV equipment to multiple televisions throughout your home using Coaxial cable! Many analogue TV channels will be available to utilize, so you can insert your AV source through this modulator to feed into your existing home RF distribution network.

Pro2 RF Modulator with PAL Connector - SCART or Composite RCA Input

The ultimate universal AV modulator. Connect any AV source device via SCART, composite AV or coaxial RF and output to any television with an RF or SCART input. The Pro2 RFD2169 is also an ideal solution for "cascade surveillance" systems.

Pro2 SPS2A - 2 Way Speaker Selector Switch with Volume Control

This 2 Way Speaker Switch features an integrated volume dial for each zone to allow complete control over your listening environment. This extremely solid and sturdy unit provides a reliable solution to distribute audio throughout two zones.

$149.95 $119.95
Pro2 Stereo Audio Power Amplifier with Remote

This exceptional unit provides a compact amplification solution with a range of features. This includes manual or remote volume control, power indicators, 3 path remote control, mute function, volume level indicator and more. Accetps 24 to 12 AWG speaker cable.

$139.00 $119.00
Pro2 Stereo Class D Power Amplifier with Bluetooth

Use the PRO1351 to power in ceiling speakers with audio from any Bluetooth enabled device, or other source devices such as computers, DVD players, and TVs! Perfect for permanent audio installations in entertainment areas, and even bedrooms.

$99.95 $89.95
Pro2 Stereo Headphone Amplifier with Volume Control

This Headphone Amplifier will give your headphones the perfect boost! With a lightweight, compact and durable design, this device is the ideal portable companion that can be conveniently used anywhere. On the run or at home, this little unit is ideal.

Single IR Emitter

This Single IR Emitter is suitable for use with an IR extender connection block or with other home automation controllers. The compact, yet sturdy design provides an elegant solution that will blend well in any system environment. Controls 1 source device.

Stereo Speaker Volume Control Wall Plate 100W

This Stereo Speaker Volume Control Wall Plate is the perfect in wall solution to facilitate wall volume control from a central location. Perfect for a range of domestic or commercial audio applications. Features 300 watts of peak power handling (100 watts RMS).

Stereo Speaker Volume Control Wall Plate 60W

This In Wall Stereo Speaker Volume Control Wall Plate provides the perfect solution to control a set of stereo speakers. Ideal for multi-zone entertainment or an alfresco area. This high quality wall plate features 60 watts of power handling.

Stereo Speaker Volume Control Wall Plate with IR 100W

This Stereo Speaker Volume Control Wall Plate features an integreated IR Receiver which allows connection to an IR Repeater kit for seamless control of devices located in another area. Features 300 watts of peak power handling (100 watts RMS).

Two Gang Wall Plate Surround - White

This Two Gang Wall Plate Surround provides an effective solution to seamlessly combine two wall plates. Suitable for genuine Clipsal 2000 series and compatible wall plates. The simple design means that installation can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Wireless IR Remote Control Extender - Additional Transmitter (IR Receiver)

This additional transmitter unit expands upon the capabilities of the Wireless IR Extender package by allowing control from extra locations. Simply place this additional transmitter in a convenient location near your display to control a range of source devices.

Wireless IR Remote Control Extender - Foxtel Compatible

This Wireless IR Extender utilises the RF spectrum to seamlessly transmit a remote control signal throughout your home. This system is a brilliant solution for concealing devices within an AV cabinet or to control up to 3 source devices from another room.