Marantz SA-10 Reference CD / SACD Player / DAC

Brand: Marantz
Product Code: MAR-SA-10
Warranty: 3 Years
Colour: *

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Rediscover Your Music

Featuring astonishing SACD, CD and DSD playback, the SA-10 player delivers a truly upscale listening experience.

The SA-10 is designed to set a new standard in audio. Whether listening to music on disc or content streamed from a computer, enjoy your collection in refined clarity.

Key Features

  • Hear all your music: From SACDs to DSD files, enjoy all of your music without limits.
  • Pure Marantz sound: HDAM technology combined with optimized circuit design layout and carefully selected components, provides exceptional sound quality and performance.
  • Sound Master tuned: Engineered and extensively tuned by a team drawing on more than 35 years of Marantz CD and SACD design knowledge.
  • Upscale listening: Innovative Marantz Musical Mastering “MMM-Stream” up-sampling to DSD and filtering.

Marantz SA-10 SACD Player

It Starts with the Disc

Whether playing SACDs, CDs, or other data discs containing music, it's vital that any player retrieves the information as accurately as possible: unlike a computer reading a disc for ripping, there's no time for repeated re-scans when playing music - it happens in real time, so the disc transport needs to get things right first time.

Marantz SA-10 SACD Player

CDs, SACDs and Beyond

The SA-10 goes so much further than just disc playback: it's also a fully-functional digital-to-analogue converter for music stored on a home computer, as well as having conventional digital inputs for existing source components. Those conventional inputs - optical and coaxial - can handle your music files up to 192kHz/24bit.

Marantz SA-10 SACD Player

More Than Just a DAC

The SA-10 takes things further - just as it features an all-new disc transport mechanism, so the digital to analogue conversion has also been subject to a radical rethink, taking full advantage of the 1-bit conversion technology found in past flagship Marantz players, and incorporating brand-new filtering and up-conversion to take advantage of this simple, but elegant solution. We name it Marantz Musical Mastering.

Marantz SA-10 CD / SACD Player

Marantz Musical Mastering

DSD is at the heart of the way the SA-10 handles digital audio: PCM and DXD inputs are all upconverted to DSD at 11.2MHz using the proprietary MMM-Stream converter within the player, and then the high-frequency signal produced is processed by the unique MMM-Conversion stage, used in place of a conventional DAC, to produce the analogue output.

Marantz SA-10 CD / SACD Player

Built For Generations

Like its partnering, the PM-10 integrated amplifier, the SA-10 is constructed to the highest possible standards, with a double-layered copper-plated chassis for excellent rejection of mechanical and electrical interference, and casework constructed from thick non-magnetic aluminium panels and 5mm thick top lid. Both products also sit on aluminium machining feet for reduced vibration and allows for a smoother listening experience.

CD Compatibility: CD / CD-R/RW / SA-CD / WMA / MP3 / AAC Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes
CD-Text / SA-CD Text / ID3 Tag / WMA Meta Tag / AAC Meta Data - / Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes
Data Disc Compatibility: DSD / WAV / ALAC <=5.6 / 192 / 96
iPod / iPhone Compatible USB Input Yes / Yes
DAC Operation Mode: USB / Coax / Optical Yes / Yes / Yes
Asynchronous Mode Rear USB Yes
Bit-Perfect Transmission Yes
Signal Isolator for DAC Mode Operation Yes
Power Transformer: Toroidal / El Yes / -
High Grade Audio Components Yes
Customised Components Yes
Symmetric Circuit Layout Yes
Copper Plated Chassis Yes
Extra Metal Plate for Chassis Strengthing Yes
Digital Out Off / Audio EX Mode Yes / -
Headphone: Standard / Buffer / Current feedback - / Yes (HDAM SA2+HDAM) / Yes
Separated Rectifier Circuit for Analogue and Digital Circuitry Yes
Display: Dimmer / Off - / Yes
Low Noise LCD Display Yes
5 mm Aluminium Top Cover Yes
Selectable Filter: CD / SA-CD / DAC-Mode Yes / - / Yes
Marantz Musical Mastering Yes (HD)
Marantz Musical Mastering Stream Yes
Marantz Musical Mastering Conversion Yes
Program Play (CD / SA-CD) Yes / Yes
Repeat Yes
Random Play Yes
Start Sound Mode for SA-CD Yes
Inputs / Outputs
Analogue Out (Cinch) 2 Ch
Balanced Out Yes
Digital Optical In / Out Yes / Yes
Digital Coaxial In / Out Yes / Yes
Sample Rate Digital In 192 kHz / 24-Bit
Gold Plated Cinch Silver / Nickel
USB Audio (Front) / Made for iPod / Made for iPhone® Rear / Yes / Yes
USB Type B input for PC (Rear) Yes
Sample Rate USB Type B In 384 kHz / 32-Bit
Asynchronous Mode Rear USB Yes
USB-B DSD Audio Streaming (DoP): DSD2.8 / DSD5.6 -> DSD11.2
Headphone Out Yes
Headphone Volume Control Yes
Mechanism SACD-M3 (Metal)
D/A Conversion Marantz Musical Mastering Conversion
DAC IC Marantz Musical Mastering Conversion
Digital Filter DSP (Marantz)
Low Pass Filter Stage HDAM x 2
Output Buffer HDAM SA2
Frequency Response (Cust.) 2 Hz - 60 kHz
Dynamic Range (SA) 109 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio (SA) 112 dB
Channel Separation (SA) 105 dB
Frequency Response 2 Hz - 20 kHz
Dynamic Range 98 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio 104 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.00%
Channel Separation 100 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (SA) 0.00%
Available Colors Black / Silver-Gold
Metal Front Panel Yes
Remote Control RC004PMSA
Power Consumption 50 W
Standby Consumption 0.3 W
Auto Power off Yes
Detachable Power Cable Yes
Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H) 440 x 419 x 127 mm
Weight 18.4 kg
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