ThunderX3 TK50 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Brand: ThunderX3
Product Code: TX3-KB-TK50
Warranty: 12 Months
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Key Features

  • Mechanical keyboard with LED backlight system
  • Holtek HT66FB560 MCU
  • 1000Hz polling rate
  • Anti-ghosting for precise control
  • High durability - Up to 20 million key presses
  • Anti-slip feet for secure and reliable placement
  • Brushed aluminium top
  • Media keys for quick access and control
  • Backlight pulsating speed - Select from 12 modes

Advanced Technology

The Core

ThunderX3 TK50 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Housed with Holtek HT66FB560 MCU, TK50 operates in high performance while achieving very low power consumption. TK50 is a great solution to gaming with great value.

Polling Rate

ThunderX3 TK50 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

With 1000Hz, TK50 offers the highest possible polling rate in the market today, which means a merely just 1/1000th of a second of communication between TK50 and the computer. This is definitely fast and accurate especially during gaming sessions.

Mechanical Keys

ThunderX3 TK50 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

TK50 is equipped with the mechanical switches manufactured with good balance and rebound and can withstand heavy key presses.

Most importantly, the switch casing is made out of transparent plastic with LED positioned in the centre to ensure that the light is shined evenly onto the text/icon.

Unmatched Performance


ThunderX3 TK50 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Imagine playing your favourite video game and not being able to, say, run diagonally and fire your weapon at the same time! (say pressing a, w, and g simultaneously)! TK50 offers 26-key-press anti-ghosting ability which means you are totally free at your games!

High Durability

ThunderX3 TK50 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The actual, physical switches underneath the keys of TK50 have high-durability that was tested for up to 20 million key presses/ The switches last longer than the typical 1 to 5 million presses for most rubber-dome keyboards.

Anti-Slip Feet

ThunderX3 TK50 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Sometimes when the fight is getting too intense during game play, it is a good thing that the base of the keyboard is installed with the slippery-proof rubber pads to keep your keyboard right where you want it.

Unparalleled Design

Aluminium Top

ThunderX3 TK50 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The top casing of this keyboard is manufactured with the brush aluminium of 0.7mm thickness which is both durable and adds to its aesthetic look.

Media Keys

ThunderX3 TK50 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Media keys give you quick access and control to your favourite sound tracks and movies and the keys are located conveniently at the top of the keyboard.

Backlight Pulsating Speed

ThunderX3 TK50 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

With this function key, you can have fun adjusting the LED pulsating speed from slow to fast for all of the 12 backlit modes.

12 Backlight Modes

TK50 is pre-programmed with twelve sets of very cool lighting modes. You can change the modes anytime even during gaming sessions.

Model Name TK50
Key Switch Blue
N-Key Rollover 26
Full Key Backlight Yes
Material Aluminium / Plastic
Interface Gold Plated USB Plug
Cable Length 1.8m Braided
Dimensions 195mm (D) x 442mm (W) x 37mm (H)
Weight 1.0kg ± 10g
Fitting Detachable Wrist Rest
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