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Pro2 RF Modulator with PAL Connector - SCART or Composite RCA Input

The ultimate universal AV modulator. Connect any AV source device via SCART, composite AV or coaxial RF and output to any television with an RF or SCART input. The Pro2 RFD2169 is also an ideal solution for "cascade surveillance" systems.

Pro2 RF Modulator with F-Type Connector - SCART or Composite RCA Input

Insert your desired video source, such as a DVD player, satellite receiver or digital set top box etc. to a TV without an RCA connector. Through this RFD2169BF video RF modulator you can also share to several TV's in your home through your existing RF distribution network.

Pro2 RF Modulator with IR Return - Foxtel Compatible

Distribute your AV equipment to multiple televisions throughout your home using Coaxial cable! Many analogue TV channels will be available to utilize, so you can insert your AV source through this modulator to feed into your existing home RF distribution network.