Sunfire XTEQ-12 - 12" Dual Driver (Active/Passive) Subwoofer

Brand: Sunfire
Product Code: SUN-XTEQ12
Warranty: 2 Years
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Sunfire XTEQ12

The XTEQ features a Sunfire Tracking DownConverter amplifier, long-throw, high back-electromotive force driver, and fully automatic room equalizer. Taken together, these provide the XTEQ with an impressive amount of low frequency drive, adding a substantial bottom to music and movies.

With more and more audio installations leaning toward a professional cinema experience, Sunfire XTEQ has met the demand for high performance subwoofers that focus purely on audio quality. Sunfire is proud to deliver accurate, powerful bass that spikes the entertainment value dramatically within every home. Delivering up to 3,000 watts of pure heart-thumping bass, you won’t find a more solid performer than the XTEQ series.

The beauty of XTEQ isn’t just in the sound. It’s the chic, compact design that blends into any room and pivots away from traditional gaudy, oversized equipment; instead making the audio the authority. Room-specific calibration accurately integrates an XTEQ subwoofer into any living space and existing audio system. You’ll get bone-rattling bass from some of the smallest subwoofer cabinets in the industry.

The big breakthrough features of the XTEQ are its proven tracking down converter amplifier, its long throw, high back-electromotive force drivers, and its fully automatic room equalizer. Taken together, these unique features provide these subwoofers with as much bass as you would get from several 15 inch drivers mounted in a cabinet the size of a small refrigerator. Defining the standard of quality today, the XTEQ series also brings a suite of premium audiophile features to the table, like advanced auto turn-on circuitry, Anti-Walking Tread Design Feet™, gold plated connectors, soft clipping circuitry, and variable crossover level and phase control, making the XTEQ the foundation for any great home theatre and audio system.

Key Features

  • Sunfire’s Tracking Down Converter™: High- powered XT amplifier design: With up to 3,000 watts of pure heart-thumping bass, the XTEQ delivers a solid, high performance, analogue amplifier for extremely clean and pure power.
  • Digital Auto-EQ circuit for enhanced room calibration: Now with more precise room-specific calibration, the XTEQ more accurately integrates with your room and the rest of your audio system.
  • Connectivity options including XLR connector: The XTEQ brings more connectivity options than ever before, including an XLR connector for increased installation flexibility with consumer and professional components.
  • Asymmetrical Cardioid Surround (ACS): Enables extended xMAX, the XTEQ features well-defined tight bass with extended woofer excursion.
  • High Back EMF system with high excursion drivers: High Back EMF driver technology produces massive amounts of low distortion bass from some of the smallest cabinets in the industry, delivering bone-rattling bass.
  • XT suite of premium audiophile features: Touting new features like advanced auto turn-on circuitry, Anti-Walking Tread Design Feet™ (AWTD), gold plated connectors, soft clipping circuitry, and crossover level and phase control, the XTEQ is the foundation of any great home theatre and audio system.
Family XTEQ
Woofer Size 12 Inches
Woofer Construction Non-Pressed Paper with a High Density Foam Edge
Woofer Configuration 12" Active Side Firing Driver, 12" Side Firing Passive Radiator
Output Power 3,000 Watt Tracking Down Converter
Frequency Response 16-100 Hz
Input Impedance Line Level 15K Ohms, Mono: 14K Ohms, Slave: 8K Ohms
Phase Control 0-180 Degrees (Variable)
Enclosure Finish High Gloss Black
Dimensions (H x W x D) 13.5" x 14" x 13" / 343 mm x 356 mm x 331 mm
Weight 58.9 lbs / 26.72 kg
Shipping Information
Length 18.6" / 473 mm
Width 18.3" / 465 mm
Height 21.9" / 557 mm
Weight 70.55 lbs / 32.00 kg
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