Polk Audio Reserve R100 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

Brand: Polk Audio
Product Code: PLK-R100
Warranty: 5 Years
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Polk Audio
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Reserve R100 Bookshelf Speaker

The R100 is a versatile small speaker that is great in a compact stereo pair, as part of a front stage, or as surround components in a larger system. Its diminutive size means it's at home on a bookshelf, on a stand or even mounted to the wall.

Key Features

  • Smooth midrange and detail
  • Effortless bass
  • Wall and stand-mountable
  • Exceptional value

Flagship Sound - What Better Sounds Like

Inheriting best-in-class technologies from our flagship Legend series of loudspeakers, the Polk Reserve series helps teach you what better sounds like.

Polk Audio Reserve R100 Bookshelf Speakers

Amazing Sound and Elegance

With understated elegance, the Reserve line has a minimalist design with universal appeal. Inheriting Polk’s flagship transducer array, the R100 produces exceptional sound that rivals competitor speakers that sell for twice the price.

Polk Audio Reserve R100 Bookshelf Speakers

Sit Right Everywhere - Pinnacle Ring Radiator Tweeter

The Pinnacle Ring Radiator Tweeter’s distinctive pointed shape guides the dispersion of high frequency sounds around a room. This innovation widens the sweet spot and allows you freedom to enjoy your music and movies wherever you choose to sit.

Polk Audio Reserve R100 Bookshelf Speakers

Strength in Motion - Turbine Cone Woofer

Our pioneering turbine design delivers a significant increase in cone rigidity without increasing mass. This innovation means the woofer can move with increased accuracy and speed to deliver enhanced sound resolution, enabling you to experience a breathtaking level of detail in your music and movies.

Polk Audio Reserve R100 Bookshelf Speakers

Purity of Sound - X-Port

Polk's proprietary X-Port eliminates unwanted noise created as air moves in and out of the speaker cabinet port at high-speeds. This ensures a rich and detailed listening experience with tight distortion-free bass and a clean midrange.

Polk Audio Reserve R100 Bookshelf Speakers

Form and Function - Exceptional Cabinetry

Reserve’s sleek cabinetry hides a world of audio innovation. Cabinets are carefully cross-braced to best eliminate unwanted interior resonances. Rounded exterior corners help disperse sound broadly around the room with minimal diffraction, creating an open sound stage.

Polk Audio Reserve R100 Bookshelf Speakers

Hi-Res Audio Certified

Your sound is only as good as your source. With Hi-Res Audio certification, the Polk Reserve R100 delivers clear and detailed high-frequency response. Female vocals are particularly smooth, with exceptional clarity and without coloration. Plus, a minimum support of 40 kHz perfectly reproduces the latest Hi-Res Audio files with improved audio extension.

Polk Audio Reserve R100 Bookshelf Speakers

Certifiably Excellent - Hi-Res Certified, Dolby Atmos Enabled & IMAX Enhanced

The Reserve Series sets the benchmark for music and movie audio excellence.

Hi-Res Audio Certified

Delivers clear and detailed high-end response up to 40 kHz for improved high frequency signals for today’s high-quality audio.

Dolby Atmos Enabled

Listening to Atmos and DTS:X-enabled content on Reserve Series speakers brings you deeper into the story or music every time.

IMAX Enhanced Compatible

IMAX Enhanced compatibility guarantees an unforgettably huge and dynamic home theatre experience when enjoying IMAX Enhanced movies, television shows and music.

Polk Audio Reserve R100 Bookshelf Speakers
Speaker Type Standmount (Bookshelf)
UOM (Sold As) Pair
Tweeter 1" Pinnacle Ring Radiator
Mid-Range/Mid-Bass -
Woofers 5¼" Turbine Cone
Overall Frequency Response 44 Hz - 50 kHz
Frequency Response (-3 dB Limits) 58 Hz - 39 kHz
Recommended Amplifier Power 30 - 150 W
Amplifier Output Compatibility 8Ω / 6Ω / 4Ω
Minimum Impedance (Ohms) 3.6Ω
Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m) 86 dB
Tweeter/Mid-Range Crossover Frequency 2,700 Hz
Mid-Range/Mid-Bass Crossover Frequency -
Product Dimensions W x H x D (Includes Feet) 166 x 324 x 259.5 mm (6.5 x 12.8 x 10.2 in)
Product Weight (Each) 5.5 kg (12.2 lb)
Shipping Dimensions W x H x D 478 x 348 x 422 mm (18.8 x 13.7 x 16.6 in)
Shipping Weight 12.9 kg (28.4 lb)
New CRC (Mid-Range Enclosure Type) -
Mid-Bass / Woofer Enclosure Type Rear X-Port
Available Finishes Black / Walnut
Feet Rubber Pads
Wall-Mountable (Keyhole Slots) Yes
Binding Posts: Nickel-Plated 5-Way Single
Certifications (Non-Safety and Regulatory)
Hi-Res Certified Yes
IMAX Certified No
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