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Sherwood Piccolo 4 - 4" Bookshelf Speakers

Sherwood Piccolo 4 bookshelf speakers are designed for stereo applications and ideally matched to many of the Sherwood receivers and amplifiers. This premium high gloss black bookshelf speaker pair offers true to life sound reproduction in a stylish, compact package.

RRP $199.00 $139.00
Sherwood Teatro 5R - 5" Bookshelf Speakers

The Sherwood Teatro 5R Bookshelf Speakers are designed to reproduce the full audio range, true to life imaging and bass. This speaker can be purchased as a standalone pair or as part of the Sherwood Teatro 5.1 Home Theatre System.

RRP $229.00 $179.00
Sherwood Alto 621 - 6" Bookshelf Speakers

Sherwood Alto 621 6 inch two-way bookshelf speaker set. Finished in black full gloss front with simulated woodgrain body. This premium pair of bookshelf speakers are presented in a modern cabinet with a gloss black front and a simulated wood grain body.

RRP $399.00 $179.00
Earthquake Sound RBS-52 - 5.25" Reference Bookshelf Speakers

The newly developed RBS-52 passive studio monitor from Earthquake Sound is designed to be as versatile as it is technical and beautiful. Perfect for a home theatre set up or a musical studio, the RBS-52 was engineered to maintain high fidelity sound in a compact enclosure.

Swans Diva 4.2R Dipole Surround Speakers - Ex Display

Ex-Display - Ready for Pickup In Store

These Swans Diva surround speakers encompass a design that can only be described as pure elegance. These first class speakers provide high end performance at a fraction of the cost that other speakers of comparable quality demand.

RRP $999.00 $599.00
Swans RM600R Bookshelf Surround Speakers

The Swans RM600R surround speakers have a unique driver configuration, easily dealing with the new generation of high definition sound. Each driver was specifically developed to work in concert with each other and offer the latest in electro acoustic technology.

Edifier R1280DB Active Multimedia Speakers - Brown

The R1280DB has the classic look you love with all new features of modern powered Bluetooth speakers. The clean wooden finish of these bookshelf speakers leave a lasting impression of elegance and luxury. Features upgraded specs to improve quality and performance.

Edifier R1700BT Active Multimedia Speakers - Black

The versatile R1700BT Bluetooth bookshelf speakers will have you wanting to play every device off them. Plug in your gaming console, computer or TV for exceptional sound quality. Multifunctional excellence emanates from these Bluetooth bookshelf speakers.

Swans D1010-IV Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Highly cost effective active speakers with wood veneer finish and acoustically optimised front panels. These active multimedia speakers feature a classic design, yet the high performance 4" midbass drivers ensure that these speakers remain compact and powerful.

RRP $199.00 $169.00
Swans D1080-IVB Powered Bookshelf Speakers with Bluetooth

The D1080-IVB is the upgraded Bluetooth version of the D1080-IV. These active multimedia speakers feature a classic design, yet the high performance 5.25" midbass drivers and acoustically optimised front panels ensure that these speakers remain compact and powerful.

RRP $349.00 $329.00
Swans H4 Active Studio Monitor Speakers

The H2 is the first product of the Swans H series. After eight months of development, the Swans H4 debuted in Swans H series. The highlight of the cabinet design lies in its exquisite craftsmanship and the cutting edge technology of the new electro-acoustic amplifier circuit.

RRP $649.00 $549.00
Swans H5 Active Studio Monitor Speakers

Swans H System is finished in an ebony veneer covered by piano lacquer, giving a profound and full texture. The electronic circuit design of each unit is both modern and innovative. The H5 powered bookshelf speaker uses professional active electronic filter design.

RRP $799.00 $649.00
Swans M200MKIII+ Active Reference Monitors with Bluetooth

The M200MKIII+ is the Bluetooth version of Swan’s knockout product, the M200MKIII. For over 15 years, the M200 series has been one of the highest rated desktop audio speakers in the world. Maintaining a timeless classic design with hand crafted side wood panels.

RRP $699.00 $649.00
Swans T200C Powered High Fidelity Speakers with Bluetooth

Wireless harmony. Pair your devices to play your favourite music via Bluetooth. Relax and enjoy your music while you control volume via a compact remote. High-fidelity audio with an easy simple touch. Long-throw 5.25" mid-bass woofer. Light-weight 0.8″ dome tweeter.

RRP $999.00 $799.00